Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

Estate planning covers a wide range of documents that state your wishes during your lifetime and after your passing. For instance, you may want a Last Will and Testament or a Living Trust to direct what happens to your belongings after you pass away.… Read More

Probate Law

When your loved one passes away, if they owned property in their name only, some type of probate procedure will be needed to transfer that property. This is true whether your loved one had a Last Will and Testament or not. Depending on the value of t… Read More

Trust Administration

If your loved one passes away and had a Trust in place, the Michigan Trust Code requires that a Successor Trustee follow certain legal requirements when administering the Trust. I can explain all the necessary requirements and assist you with fulfill… Read More


Sometimes deeds are prepared as part of an estate plan or sometimes you need only a deed prepared without a full estate plan. Either way, whether you want to pass property by deed to avoid probate, add a spouse, child, or other person to the title, o… Read More


If a loved one is physically or mentally incapacitated, and they do not have a power of attorney in place, they may need a guardian or conservator appointed. A guardian would help them with personal matters such as living arrangements or medical care… Read More